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Apple Service

Online Computers is an Authorised Service Provider for Apple, for all warranty repairs from our fully equipped, state of the art service repair centre.

Cloud Hosting

Full Mailbox Access – Anytime, Anywhere access from multiple locations and/or clients.

Software Development

Using the latest tools and techniques Online Computers can provide you the custom software solution to meet your business needs.

Full Mailbox Access

Anytime, Anywhere access from multiple locations and/or clients; via Outlook Web Access, Outlook, Entourage (Mac users), etc…. With POP3, if you download messages to your mailbox–they are stored on the local client–and taken off the server, preventing the ability to view the data elsewhere. (If you elect to ‘keep a copy on the server’, you will still only be able to see your Inbox–not any other folders).

Sharing and Collaboration

The only thing that takes more time than attending meetings is planning and scheduling them! When you use Exchange with Outlook, you can quickly and easily check availability of co-workers, conference rooms, and shared resources by viewing multiple calendars side by side. No more chasing down people and keeping track of responses. No more confusion and time lost having to reschedule.


How often does your PST file get backed up? Up to 70% of your business data is in Outlook. If your hard drive crashes, you will lose all of your Outlook data. With exchange, a copy of all of your data is stored on your local client. Another copy remains on the server. If a computer crashes, with Exchange, configuring a new computer, with the existing mailbox information, will bring all of the data, once lost, back down, in its entirety... to the new computer.

Synchronization with Mobile Devices

Throw away your sync cable/cradle. Stay in contact with your customers and colleagues whether you are in the office, on the road, or at home. Access your e-mail, contacts, and calendar from your iPhone, iPad, SmartPhone and Windows Mobile Devices. Full synchronization does not occur with a POP3 / Web Client. For 2-way wireless synchronization, you must be on an Exchange Server.

Software Development

Using the latest tools and techniques Online Computers can provide you the custom software solution to meet your business needs. Whether it be a simple report you need form your system, a glossy new web page or a high level business automation system we can provide you with a solution that works the way you do.

Law Box

Law Box is a program tailored for small legal businesses in New Zealand allowing accurate, detailed information with minimal effort. Developed here at Online Computers, it has been in use at various law practices around New Zealand for as many as ten years.

Job Costing Extension for Accredo

A custom web based solution for businesses with a large number of field staff, enabling staff to be able to record labour and material usage while out in the field. This solution uses the power of Accredo through seamless integration directly into the job costing module while still making a simple and efficient way to record work done on any active job.

Accredo is one of New Zealand’s leading accounting and business management software solutions, purpose-designed for small to medium-sized New Zealand companies. From general ledger through to sophisticated job costing and reporting, Accredo has all the features local companies need. Accredo is easy to use and can be customised to suit every type of business.

IMS Payroll Partner is New Zealand’s leading payroll solution. Flexible and powerful, IMS Payroll Partner is the preferred third-party payroll solution for other developers such as Profax and Quicken, and our recommendation for most businesses.

Dean Kelsall

Managing Director

Dean is involved with all of the day-to-day operations of the company. His speciality is high-end server support and networking. Dean also acts as the account manager for our larger clients and high schools. He also supports a range of accounting and payroll products and has recently completed the Ruckus WISE Guy certification.

Tim Beer

Apple Certified Mac Technician/Sales

Tim has been working with Apple computers for over 12 years and supports a range of businesses and schools. Tim is well versed with all aspects of the Apple computer, from Technical repairs to software support. Tim also works closely with schools to help with their professional development needs. Tim has also completed OS X Server training.

Adrian King

Systems Engineer
Apple Technician

Adrian is our Cloud engineer, Apple Certified Technician and inbound support person. Utilising remote access software he can support most customers computers and servers without leaving the office. Adrian’s specialities are macOS/iOS, Windows Server/Hyper-V and advanced networking.
Adrian is involved with all aspects of hardware and software support.

Vinny Eggers

Network Engineer

Vinny deals primarily with our small business customers, supporting Desktop and Server solutions. Vinny has a strong background in hardware repairs and POS solutions. Vinny also has extensive experience with Wireless technologies.

Stuart Fraser

.NET Programmer

Stu’s primary role is Accounting software support and development. He writes custom solutions for our customers with .NET framework and Accredo Accounting Software.

Stu has been a computer programmer for the last 15 years.

Jacqui McAllister

Accounts Administration


64 Arena Avenue, Invercargill
(03) 211 00 90
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